A band's true essence and energy is best captured on stage. Culture Vulture lights up the stage and has fired up audiences from Kazakhstan to Japan.

Culture Vulture's extensive touring is equally remarkable as the recording repertoire. It received the "Chairman's award" at the "tokyo Music Festive" with other artistes like Sally Yeh (Hong Kong), Chao Chuan (Taiwan), Bubble Gum Brothers (Japan) and Zainal Abidin (Malaysia) just to name a few. To add to the list, the band has performed at the prestigious "Golden Globe Awards" held in Taipei, Taiwan and the "Masters of the Band" held at Shah Alam Stadium together with 10 other artistes including SEARCH and M.NASIR of Malaysia. Other events included "YOSHINOGARI FESITA" in Fukuoka, Japan and "ASIA LIVE MUSIC EXCHANGE" in Shirataka, Japan. Nearer home, Culture Vulture has spread the message up and down in Malaysia, under the Patronage of "SALEM COOL PLANET".


The band was invited to the annual "ASIA DAUYSY" (Voice of Asia) held in ALMA-ATA KAZAKHSTAN, where they were placed third among contestants (all recording artiste) from 22 countries, including countries from Europe and Africa.

Video clips of the band "LOVER IN MOTION" (Produced and directed by film marker Eric Khoo) was featured in MTV Asia, as well as having performed on "Asia Live", a Japanese programme transmitted live to Japan from various cities. It has so far performed in China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan and most of the TV stations of these countries.


'70s Band "TRIBES" only Singapore group to have toured Japan, Australia, Hongkong & Malaysia playing rock stuff.

1985 Culture Shock first band to use full reange of ethnic instruments ands albert (far left) revolutionised percussions by using ethnic instruments in pop music.

The Straits Times, July 26 1996
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