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"Albert Louis is a trailblazer of drum circle facilitation in Singapore whose spirit and integrity are evident in his approach to this work. His blending of eastern and western percussion instruments in drum circle settings is a perfect example of how we can all benefit from learning about, and respecting, the wide range of cultures and peoples who share our world. It's been my pleasure and honor to share my experiences with him."

-Jim Greiner, of Hands-On! Drumming® Events (www.handsondrum.com)
"One of the pioneers of the worldwide community drumming movement." (-Drum! Magazine)

First Singaporean to not only come out with one but two bands (Culture Shock1985 and Culture Vulture1990) that fuse a host of ethnic instruments. "Now he is the first drum facilitator in Singapore."

He has done his various programmes with the People's Association (PA), The Institute of Mental Health, Pertapis Senior Citizen Fellowship Home, Community Clubs, the American Club-Singapore, Alexander Hospital, Grand Hyatt Singapore(Club Oasis), Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH), Henderson Senior Citizen's Home, Singapore School for the Deaf and Private Organisations. He has also done his programme with Pertapis Childrens Home, Hollandse Club, ST Andrew's Autism Centre, Ministry of Community Developement, Rainbow Centre, Singapore Boys' Home, Republic Polytechnic, Divinity Especial Needs Intervention Centrem, Canossian School, Singapore General Hospital (Presentation), Pro-Teach and individuals.

Learn not only an instrument but more...

De-stressing,, Parkinsons, Dementia, Disabled, Autism etc.
Helps in Coordination
Therapeutic for the Mind, Body and Soul
Has the capacity to both Stimulate and Relax
Why does the drum have the power to heal.
When you were born, that is your second birthday. Before your second birthday, you were in  your mother's womb, listening to your mother's heart beat. That is why the drum is so healing because you remember, you go back into the safety of where you came from, you get reconnected to whom you came from. So it is not the drums that gave us the first beat, but you were born listening to your mother's heart beat. When you give a child something to play, they enjoy hitting it, especially the drums, as it offers a way to express the intensity of his or her feelings, as well as increases creativity when Alpha burst are generated. So when you hold up a child in front of your face and he or she starts hitting you, remember it does not mean that they are being naughty.
Drums was first used as a means of communication in some regions. It has also been used in religious rituals. Drums were used by foot soldiers before they charge for hand to hand combat, it calls for attention, awakens loyalty and to " pump up" adrenaline surge. today it is used to provide rhythm to the music we dance to. But now the drum is used as a therapeutic tool for therapy and exercise.
Modern medicine recognizes the physical part of a human body, but the mind soul and spirit is generally neglect. Drumming is an easier approach among children and people with mental or physical disabilities. It has been used in many other illnesses and I have personally used it in my work with the Mentally ill, Parkinson's, Autism, De-stressing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and with the Hearing impaired. While not only improving their condition, the Mentally ill and the Hearing impaired were able to perform in public for the first time as a percussion group, using instruments like, Kompang, Chinese drums, Jembe ( African ) and other combinations of percussions. What should we expect when the rhythm of the drums meets the rhythm of the muscle, brain or heart as we have a lot of organs that are capable of producing their own rhythms.
How does the drums help relieve stress? There are numerous way this occurs. When people drum, they are generally having fun. It is difficult to be in a playful mode and be stressed at the same time. the drums has the capacity to release negative feelings, of which stress is clearly one. When one hits the drums, he or she is placed squarely in the here and now. Some of our stress is created from past or future thoughts of fear, worry, or regret, but it is very difficult to be stressed and be in the present moment. When one plays a rhythm, the chatter of the mind is reduced, thus another one of the healing aspects of the drum becomes it's ability to induce a greater state of inner peace. In addition, drumming increases our Alpha brainwaves, those brainwaves associated with feelings of well- being and euphoria.
Drumming in the Corporate sector, it is expected as a rejuvenation of stress and tension reliever, opening of lines of communication between co-workers and encourages focus and motivation towards common goals.
Drumming with the community, it is spontaneous and personalized. It allows for creativity and self expression with a structured and disciplined process. My work involves groups as they build community and team spirit, promotes integration of division and cultures, friendship and heightens awareness of others and the best the best of all it puts a smile and also laughter on their faces.
Drumming is also food for the nerves because it takes co-ordination and timing to get the beat right. These are functions directly linked to the nervous system. Drumming helps people suffering from Parkinson's. Percussions of various sizes are used and the movements are exaggerated and most of the time the patients themselves know that they are improving in the exercises and their condition.

Drumming helps improve the attention span, focus and eye contact of Autistic kids. They get easily distracted and the best way to conduct a class is, to have a small room or space with only two chairs, the therapist and one percussion at a time as it should be on one on one basis and keep adding more kids to a class as they improve, as it increases social interaction.

Drumming is a wonderful exercise, as you beat away on your drums, you let your body relax and energize according to the beat. It is also good to let your lower limbs dance with the rhythm. When playing in a group, you have to listen to each other's playing and timing, and this instills discipline and bonding, in addition it also helps to connect with each other.

Drumming is the only form of therapy or exercise one can say that they really enjoy doing it and this is one of the ingredients that helps improve one's condition. It only takes two minutes or less to play one and you go for therapy and go home learning an instrument without you knowing it. Drumming is gone on a big way especially in Hospitals in the United States of America and one pioneer in this field is Author and Psychotherapist, Robert Lawrence Friedman. I am a Drum Facilitator and when you talk about drums it is physical and different from Music Therapy. I facilitate on the existing programs already available in the Health Industry.
Drumming session with senior citizens
One year old child
Drumming session with 2 ladies

"Most of my programmes are centered around people who are mentally ill, dementia, destressing and parkinson's disease, with the use of 10 to 15 eastern and western insturments is fun, theraputic and a form of excercise. My latest work with the deaf is probably the most encouraging. They are able to play the drums because sound waves hit the eardrum and cause vibrations which are transmitted via 3 small bones in the middle ear to the inner ear . I have formed a percussion group for Singapore School For The Deaf and another for Singapore Association for mental health."

"I am grateful to be born in a region where there is an access to both Eastern and Western instruments. Having played a variety of rhythmic instruments as a professional musician, I can offer options to those who prefer one over the other, a cultural preference, perhaps."

"There is a fun element to my programme and for the resorts, destressing with the use of drums and hands on experience on exotic percussions will be the next big thing, and in case if you don't know, it just takes 2 minutes to play a percussion instrument."

"when you give a child something to play, they enjoy hitting it,especially the drums, as it offers a way to express the intensity of his/her feelings, as well as increases creativity when big alpha bursts are generated."

"An invitation to Alexandra Hospital compelled me to come up with a fun program (Excercise) for people suffering from Parkinson using percussions, drumming is a must for occupational therapist."

"It is nice to know that students from Temasek & National Junior College asking for interviews, it is a turn around from the days when i wanted to inform schools of my work and was turned down"

"I took up a challenge within 6 days that one will see an improvement in teenages who are autistic. I spent 15 mins on an idividual basis and by the fourth day they could play the African and Chinese drums, the best part is they could focus for 15 mins which is unusual. It proves the theory that drumming increases their attention span."

"I am very impressed with the students from Madrasah Aljunied Al Islamiah in their attitude towards learning. My job was to introduce the use of percussions for fun, therapy, exercise and music and to appreciate the ethnic instruments used by all races in Singapore."

"My work with Stroke and Dementia patients (Alexander Hospital, 2009) and an invitation to present my work to the occupational therapist of Singapore General Hospital was the highlight of 2008, as the OTs would not have had the chance to learn my methods in any institution and allow me to share my ideas."

"It will be nice, if the regulators of the health industry ease up a bit. My work involves the use of Percussion instruments for therapy and exercises and musical instruments hurt nobody. What i am doing is adding fun to it and enjoying the routines and i like to see new therapies challenged instead of being skeptical."

"Anne Koh's (Head Therapist, Alexander Hospital 2005) recommendation of me and my work to CEO Teng Lit Liak is an endorsment of my ideas, for which I am honoured coming from a very qualified person and establishment."

Louis Francis Albert


"Mr Louis has continuously demostrated patience and understanding when dealing with the residents of the home. The music programme is very much so their theraputic programme that aid the residents in their rehabilitation process."

Firuz Khan, Pertapis Children Home, 18 December 2002

"Albert is an excellent teacher, to me the best teacher has the following 1) Patience, 2) Wealth of knowledge in their craft 3) Enthusiastic and passionate about their craft 4) motivates and has the capacity to inspire and 5) most important of all has a love of teaching and sharing their knowledge with others. He is an excellent person to guide others in their journey of drumming and rhythm. "

Christine Wong, Psychologist (NUH), 8 October 2002

"I would strongly recommend Albert to your programme of music therapy, Albert is a rare person in that he is devoted both to his art and helping others. His consistent enthusiasm and vibrant energy is at all times present. "

Katherine McLeod, Drum Facilitator (Canada), 29 October 2002

"Thank you very much for your interest in my work. My column in Drum Magazine has the latest information on drumming and health. I look forward to hear more about your work."

Robert Lawrence Friedman, Psycotherapist and Author 'The Healing Power of the Drum', 13 February 2003

"For his invaluable contribution and continuous support as a volunteer since April 2001 and in cheering up the lives of the residents of the home with his music theraputic programme."

Haji Sapinge Bin Hj Taris, Pertapis Senior Citizen Fellowship Home, 30 October 2003

"It was indeed a great learning experience for our children. Thank you for sharing and enlightening our children with your expertise in playing the drums as well as letting them have first hand experience on them."

Ms Dawn De Foe, Ascension Kindercare, 13 October 2003

"They've become more diciplined,more aware of the present and happier after the drumming sessions."

Ms Liew Shiang Hui, Singapre Association For Mental Health, 6 March 2005

"Your efforts with the boys make a difference, keep up the great work, Albert."

Kum Wah Chong (Rehabilitation Officer (CP) Singapore Boy's Home (MCYS), 15 November 08

"Albert Louis is a trailblazer of drum circle facilitation in Singapore whose spirit and integrity evident in his approach to this work."

Jim Greiner, of Hands-On Drumming Events, one of the pioneers of the worldwide community drumming movements.

(Drum magazine), 21 Febuary 2009



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